When we first talk to a new client about how to market their business, the very first thing they tell is how great their product or service is. They’re always surprised when we tell them their customer is not that interested in knowing this. “Of course, the customer is interested. That’s why they buy it,” we are told as they look at us as if we had two heads and start to show us the exit.

The truth is the customer is less interested in the details of whatever product or service you are selling, but are extremely interested in how you are going to solve whatever problem they have. They are interested in the benefits of the product and not the specifications.

People make purchases because they have a need to fill or a problem to solve. When they are looking for a vendor from whom they can meet this need or solve this problem, they are looking to find someone with an acute interest in their situation.

Let’s consider the example of a heating and air conditioning company. Marketing that speaks to the “high quality” of their brands or their “best service” doesn’t say anything that will attract the attention of a potential customer. Marketing that says, “lowers your electric bill by 30%” or “20 years in business and ZERO service complaints” will get the attention of anyone who wants to buy a new unit.

The customer relies on YOU to know your business and your product. What they really want to know is how can you use what you know to make their life better. Heating and air conditioning clients do not care nearly as much about performance ratings on the equipment as “how cool will my house be on an August day when the temperature rises above 100?” You tell them the answer they what to hear and they will be very interested in your message.

To create an effective marketing message, answer the questions that your potential customers want answered. If you do that, your marketing will result in people calling to ask how you can help them.

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