A week or so ago, I took a close look at this website and was dismayed and disturbed

Dismayed because I had not updated it in more than a year, and the design was just a theme with no personality or real creativity — meaning, not something that showed my own personal design style.

Disturbed, because as a graphic designer, I do a lot of work each week, and should be making the effort to keep our portfolio up to date, especially the work that Jackie has been doing in the editorial department.

I’m a bad boy.

So I’ve been re-working the site furiously, loading work samples from the past ten years, plus current work, and updating the organization. Best of all, I’ve moved everything into a new design that has a little more personality. It’s not overly pretty, like many websites for creative people. But it’s colorful and organized (I hope) so you, kind visitor, can find your way around. Just like my client projects are designed.

Then I released it to the search engines to re-index. A  bit like turning the light on so everyone could see.

It’s still a work in progress and will be for a little while longer. I have some “tweaks” to do to the header design and the color scheme. And I need to flesh out some of the newer services we’re offering, such as Facebook Fan Pages and Google Places. But that will all come very quickly now that I’ve scheduled some regular “update my own darned site” time each week!

So have a look around. Hope you like the new site!