Here is the second issue of Mastering the Martial Arts Business magazine, the successor to Martial Arts Professional magazine. Venerable old MAPro has converted to an online-only publication, so it can be ¬†updated more frequently and contain more archival and other content. The new title represents the new direction for the association in focusing more intently on how to run a martial arts school business, rather than the standard “punches-and-kicks” fare of most publications of this type.

The design is based in a tabloid format, 10-1/2″ x 13″, to create a large impact of subscriber’s desks when delivered. It contains articles of a more business focus, reduces the number of columnists and stale industry news, and re-designs the table of contents to reflect all of NAPMA’s online properties and content.

[issuu showflipbtn=true documentid=110719193109-533d42ff19fd4b3a8fdd1fec2c8eee45 docname=mab0610-issuu username=WellsSmithPartners loadinginfotext=Mastering%20the%20Martial%20Arts%20Business%2C%20June%202010 showhtmllink=true tag=martial%20arts width=420 height=260 unit=px]


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