Become a Published Children’s Book Author in Less Than 60 Days


If you have a clever manuscript for a custom childrens book, we can help you bring your story to life. Whether you’re an experienced author or this is your first book, we offer the experience to guide you through the publishing process. We’ll help you get your book ready for on and off line books sellers and retain all of the ownership rights over your work. You have complete control over your book and total ownership, with your words, done your way.

Children’s Book Packages Include illustrations

We offer three options for publishing packages. We’ll take your story and offer the following assistance:

 Option #1: $750

  • Your choice of a print book in one of two sizes


  • Creation of an e-book files for popular electronic readers.
  • A “readiness” review of your manuscript by a published author with suggestions for your review and approval.
  • Up to 11 illustrations in a style of your choosing by our in-house illustrator including character and asset design (additional illustrations are billed at a per-illustration charge).
  • One proofing cycle of your manuscript for grammar, spelling and typos.
  • Layout or formatting depending on your choice of e-book or print.
  • Another proof cycle prior to upload of your file.
  • Cover design by an award winning publications designer.
  • Upload of your file to Amazon for either print or e-book.
  • Creation of an account page on Amazon’s CreateSpace for ordering print copies.
  • Sales copy for your promotion page on Amazon.
  • Post-production proofreading of e-book and print files.


Option #2: $1100

This option includes both print and e-book production described in Option #1. It also includes the following:

  • Upload services with de-bugging to all of the major on-line booksellers including Amazon, Apple, Sony and Barnes & Noble.
  • Listing your book with offline distributors such as Ingram and NACSCORP.
  • Descriptive copy for all sales pages.
  • Keyword selection and upload on bookseller pages for all outlets.
  • Suggestions for promoting your book.
  • Up to 22 illustrations by our in-house illustrator.


Option #3: $1500

This option includes everything listed above in the two prior options plus the following promotional materials:

  • A display promotion package to be used for events and book shows that includes a poster design, author’s business card, promotion flyer and postcard design.
  • Recommendations for affordable suppliers of printed collateral material. (Printed materials can be supplied for the cost of the printing.)
  • A Website that includes product page, author page, review page and order page with links for on-line orders.

How Much Are Additional Illustrations?

Packages include the illustration services of our experienced in-house children’s book illustrator. Charges for additional illustration are as follows:

  • $30 for a simple spot illustration
  • $40 for a half page Illustration
  • $50 for a full-page illustration

Books are bid on a project basis and includes at no additional charge character design, asset design of backgrounds and worlds in which the characters live. Click HERE to review our styles. If you don’t see one you like, send us a sample to match.

If you prefer a style that requires a free-lance illustrator, your project will be bid out to artists working in that illustration style. There will be an additional charge for character and asset design and some styles may have higher per illustration charges. All illustrations are purchased on a work-for-hire basis, which means you own the rights to the illustrations.

You’ll see your book come to life by approving a concept storyboard, line drawings, a color pallet and colored sketches. You’ll also approve your main character’s design and the backgrounds that make up their world.

Who Are Your Publishing Professionals?

Wells-Smith Partners has more than 70 years of combined expertise in content development, design and production of high-quality custom publications such as newsletters, magazines, custom books, including children’s books. We’ve worked with experienced authors and first time writers.

Our in-house illustrator, Abby Wells Smith, is the newest addition to our team. She offers three years of children’s book experience with a major specialty market publisher, in addition to several published by Wells-Smith Partner. She has BA in Fine Arts with a specialty in character and asset design appropriate to the age of your target audience.

Unlike a vanity press, your custom children’s book project will be handled by senior-level professionals, with actual experience in content development, book design, marketing and every step of the publishing process.

How Long Does It Take?

A typical custom childrens book takes about 60 days to complete, depending upon how quickly the client returns proof copies. Although we set a schedule, we are flexible and work with your scheduling requirements.

Can I Provide My Own Illustrations and Other Graphics?

We can use your own childrens book illustrations if you wish. You must have a clear right to use for all artwork submitted. All art files must be in a format and a file size that is suitable for print and e-book reproduction, and able to be re-sized to fit the pages of your book. We’ll send your our required specifications when we start your project.

What Are the Payment Terms?

A deposit of 50% is required to begin your custom childrens book project. The balance is due when you approve the final proof.

We guarantee our children’s book price. As long as the book stays within the original specifications, there are no pricing surprises. Any additional charges will be at your request and you get to review and approve them before we incur the expense. If you ask us to handle the printing of your promotions package in option #3, we do not “mark-up” outside purchases. You’ll be billed in advance the cost of printing.

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